Lucky Charter | Rent a yacht | Mallorca

General terms and conditions of business and rental

The booked boat is handed over to the renter clean, seaworthy and with a full tank. The rental price includes the use of the boat and its equipment as well as any insurance claims in the event of damage.

Before taking over the boat, the renter must pay a deposit in accordance with page 1 of the charter contract in the form of cash or by credit card. If the boat is returned in perfect condition, the renter will receive this deposit back immediately. The landlord reserves the right to withhold the deposit for a maximum of 48 hours in order to check for any damage.

When the boat is handed over by the lessor, a condition inspection of the boat is carried out together with the lessee. Both the condition of the boat and all equipment are checked and any damage is recorded in writing. When the boat is returned, a further joint check of the boat and the completeness of the equipment will be carried out. Any damage or loss will be deducted from the security deposit.

Before the start of the first boat trip, the lessee will be familiarized with the handling of the boat by the lessor and instructed in the most important shipping rules and signs. The lessee receives a list of emergency numbers from the lessor through which help can be obtained in the event of an accident. The lessee undertakes to inform the individual occupants of this instruction and to ensure that all occupants put on the available life jackets.

The renter undertakes not to make any changes to the boat or the equipment, to treat the boat and equipment with care and to return the boat and its equipment cleaned. The tenant undertakes to report damage, collisions, other unusual occurrences or complaints to the landlord immediately upon return.

It is pointed out that the conclusion of comprehensive insurance by the lessor does not release the lessee from liability for damage that is covered by the insurance or for which the insurance company has expressly reserved the right to take recourse on the part of the lessee. This applies in particular to damage resulting from gross negligence, intent or non-observance of the contractual conditions and in particular to any consequential damage. The conditions of the insurer, which can be viewed on request, are part of this contract. The deductible per claim is to be borne by the renter and may differ from the deposit paid. If the boat is returned free of defects, the deposit will be refunded immediately. Any damage not covered by the deposit or insurance must be reimbursed by the tenant immediately.

For acts and omissions of the tenant, for which the landlord is held liable by a third party, the tenant indemnifies the landlord from all private and criminal consequences, also from all costs of legal prosecution at home and abroad. Claims by the lessee as a result of the boat being unusable due to damage or total failure caused by the lessee or a third party during the rental period are excluded.

The handover of the boat takes place on the first day of rental at the contractually agreed time. If the tenant does not start his rental contract at the latest 2 hours after the agreed time, his claim and the down payment are forfeited. The time when the boat is taken over by the renter can be postponed due to repair or other work, a time difference of up to 2 hours is considered agreed. The return of the boat takes place on the last day of rental up to the contractually agreed return time.

The renter is prohibited from moving more than 3 nautical miles from the coast. In addition, for boats that do not require a license, the renter is prohibited from approaching more than 200 meters from the coast, especially on bathing beaches.

If the renter returns the boat earlier than the day specified in the rental agreement, this does not entitle him to a reduction in the rental price. If the boat is returned later than the agreed time, the daily price for the boat will be charged to the renter pro rata according to the price list and offset against the deposit.

The ineffectiveness of individual regulations does not affect the validity of the rest of the contract.

Place of jurisdiction for both sides is Palma de Mallorca. By signing the contract, the tenant accepts the general terms and conditions. During the briefing, a visual inspection of the boat was carried out. By signing the contract, the tenant also confirms that they accept the rental conditions and liability regulations without reservation.

The renter expressly confirms that he/she will be responsible for any damage caused by the rental period.

Any fuel used is not included in the rental price and will be billed separately to the renter.